Denis Abelson has approached me about constructing something to simultaneously record:

  • EKG (1 channel)
  • Heart from stethoscope/microphone (1 channel)
  • Doppler probe (1 channel)


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The Android ECG device is an excellent example of how this kind of device can work.

-- BenDugan - 26 Jun 2014

After meeting Denis it sounds like its not so important to record the microphone channel-- that would be helpful in an E.R. but less so for other cases. He feels the EKG is helpful to show the timing of the heart in relation to what is being heard on the doppler.

My hunch is that the real value here is just in showing people that they can use these cheap baby doppler monitors to listen to their own hearts. Denis can interpret and explain the sounds and a lot of people would benefit if they had a little guidance in interpreting what they can hear. The sounds are very clear. I imagine having one, listening to my heart, and then putting it away for ages until I have some reason to think my heart may be doing something weird.

So I'd lean away from adding EKG. But it would be good to be able to record the sounds very clearly and, for example, send the by email. That would be a way for Denis & me to build a library of examples. I bet there's an audio-in solution for phones to be had, which could use the audio-out from the doppler.

-- BenDugan - 07 Jul 2014
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