This looks like a good alternative to Dropbox, and I have installed it on elvo. But its not configured at all and probably isn't even running yet. It needs at least some of these steps to be done:


-- BenDugan - 23 Aug 2013

I just added a sub-domain for it and it worked 'out of the box' with no configuration-- quite impressive. I'm not sure I want to rely on it yet, and I wonder if the client will slow things down on my computers. But I'll probably try it, at least on my laptop. It seems like the client install apache, which seems weird. Still, if there's just an owncloud folder, and the rest of the filesystem is ignored, I guess it might work.

I put a spreadsheet on it through the browser interface and shared a link to myself by email and that works almost exactly like dropbox. The interface actually seems clearer.

For starters the main thing I am after is a place to put my diary file, where I want to be able to write anything and not worry about it being seen by others (but I want to be able to write in it from home, work, or anywhere). That is for things like writing about employees in a potentially insensitive way, or even just about feelings in an un-self-conscious way-- its a "sloppy thinking" file. So, for that, I only need one file, really.

-- BenDugan - 24 Aug 2013

OwnCloud has been updated a bunch so I'm trying to update it here. The first steps are to make backups of the owncloud files and a database. I guess this is on mysql because psql doesn't run and neither does sqlite3. But the dump of the database is only 1.4k which seems very strange. AHA: I think that's because I was using user bdugan. User root makes a 500k backup which sounds about better.

I found a script for backing up a linux system to dropbox. The total disk usage on elvo is 3.3G and there's 41G available. The backup script copies named directories, not everything. And it also backs up mysql using a script. So I guess it will do well for owncloud but I should check on foswiki; I think that might need something else too.

-- BenDugan - 20 Jul 2016

Something in the bash script (to upload files to dropbox) is not working. So this is expanding a bit, because I think it would be useful to have this for backup-to-dropbox sake. Now I'm looking into python scripts for this because I think they'll be easier to debug and later to modify.

Actually: looking into this further I'm going to opt instead to get a disk image of elvo following this guide. This involves shutting down elvo so these notes are going to stop for a bit.

-- BenDugan - 21 Jul 2016

Back on this 1.5 years later... I think I created a clone of the old elvo and put it on a new server. That is now called elvo, and the older server is now called elf. Elf is running ubuntu 16.04.

ownCloud 7.0.2 is running on elvo now. How do we upgrade that on Elf?

-- BenDugan - 10 Jan 2018
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