Setting up this wiki

Today this is reasonably easy to get to on my linode server "elvo". But there are a bunch of tweaks to be made to get it to be really effective. I want this to become an online area for me to record things, both personal and related to potential new businesses. I'd like to be able to send links to people and be able to use it as a collaborative space to discuss projects. In some cases I'll want to write content that is private (temporarily or permanently). I also want to experiment with other web platforms that might be of use to CDI as replacements for magento, twiki, etc.

In no particular order, here are things to be done:

  • make a logo for wbwdw
  • remove the /bin/view from URLs
  • set the editor for my user to be raw by default
  • put Larkins & Hesses under Family and add Dugans
  • get email alerts working for topic changes
  • add a code beautifier
  • check security stuff: is config set well and 'safe'?
  • create a private web and look into moving topics from private to public
  • start a few development project topics to see how they work
  • is there a simple way to move topics (with attachments) from here to the CDI twiki?

-- BenDugan - 16 Mar 2013

About half of those things are done now. Now I'm thinking about how to organize it optimally. Right now no one is looking at it, except maybe some random trolls, so it doesn't matter too much. One interesting thing is that the sidebar doesn't show the Personal web unless I'm logged in: that's an excellent default behavior. A minimal front page with public stuff on it, which blossoms a bit on login, would be nice. And I want to figure out how to share some pages only with specific users, so that I can collaborate with people on projects through this wiki.

-- BenDugan - 25 Mar 2013
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