Video Monitoring

I'm looking into linux based video monitoring for simple security applications. The program "zoneminder" looks good but probably does more than I need.

The program "motion" looks quite good for running one motion activated camera for simple monitoring of an unused house or office.

There are adjustments for things like how much motion makes it fire, how often it takes snapshots without motion, and where to save the images.

I just found, too, that sending an email to actually sends a text to my phone. So it should be easy to get it to alert me when something happens (because the server can definitely send an email like that).

There are paid cloud services for this kind of thing, at about $10/month. But I think I can run it from this server with one of the cheap old eeePC's as the local server. I'll try to et it up at our office, then move it to my mother's house.

-- BenDugan - 16 Apr 2013

I'm running motion now on a little EEEPC at the3 office. It works, of course. But I don't see how to get the images/videos into 'the cloud'. I also would like to devise a FIFO scheme so the data don't just pile up.

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