What would be a useful design for a small device with a few LEDs that can be controlled wirelessly?

  • wifi?
  • bluetooth?
  • battery powered?
  • usb powered/charged?
  • usb interface?

One of our customers requested an LED display to show button presses on trainers. This sounds a little dumb to me, especially since he wants to mount it on top of their computer monitor, which could easily show the button presses. A wired version would be the most reassuring for the trainer case, and would be a way to show the subects' responses without any software intervantion or interpretation, which I think is why a researcher might like it. But then there would be another wire. If it was to USB, which would be an obvious choice, it would rely on some driver or program running, which can break if the OS updates or some dumb thing like that.

If it's USB powered, but with a battery, that could be a good combo and could allow for upgrades or functionality programming. But how to talk to it? If we built it for the trainers we could put matching wireless h/w on both the trainer and the wiLED box. We could add that to our forp interfaces too which might be appealing to some people. But I'd anticipate issues with shielded doors and distances. And it'd make CE EMC testing that much harder since we'd really be transmitting something.

As a more general device, though, could it have appeal? It'd be sort of bike-light-meets-Thumby (or whatever that little wireless device was called).

For now I'm going to let this sit.

-- BenDugan - 17 Feb 2016

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