XPS 13 Laptop

This is a good laptop, with still competitive perfomance as of this writing, but it has a major flaw I haven't been able to fix: the battery won't charge.

I bought a replacement battery for $80 - $90, but that is apparently not the problem. It may be one of these (part no.s gathered by 40 minutes on the phone with Dell):

  • motherboard: XD23P
  • power adapter: J12K1

It could also be the internal cable from the power adapter to the motherboard.

This is a common probelm with this laptop and there are some good web pages about debugging it but so far I've found no joy there. For now, I'm resolved to use it only with a power cord, and I disconnected the flat cable going to the front LEDs because the blinking red annoyed me.

In the longer term, I'll check ack and see if any new solutions present themselves on the web. But I also like the idea of getting a chromebook and running linux on it with chroot.

-- BenDugan - 21 Feb 2016
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