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354 Water

See also Notes about water in 354Notes.

No water from pump starting 6/25 overnight. I get 240 VAC at the well head and the pressure switch seems to be working.

Called Powell Well and also Keyes Well. Powell can't come out until June 21st. Keyes can come out today or tomorrow. The estimate $1900 - $2400 based on the pump model and assuming it is less than 200' down (I think it is). This is probably $500 for the pump and the rest for labor but I don't know for sure. Kind of a rip off but they will also check the well casing and the rest of the system so kind of worth it. I told them to go ahead.

-- BenDugan - 30 Jun 2022

Over the weekend found that the UV light was not working. It has a ballast that the Keyes guy installed which I suspect is not a match for the bulb, but it could also be that the bulb had just aged by sitting in the basement for 3 years. Had to dig a little but found that I ordered this from Amazon in 2019: UV water sterilizer.


This looks like a compatible bulb:HQUA-TWS-12L, GPH436T5L/HO standard 4-pin

And compatible ballast: HQUA-TWS-5595EB

Ordered 1 lamp and 1 new ballast. Will put the Master ballast aside that the Keyes guy installed.

Also ordered an e. coli sample test and a UV flashlight so we can check the water.

-- Main.BenDugan - 18 Jul 2022 - 10:13
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