Cooking for myself

Jeni will be away for two months. I'd like to eat well while she is away, without spending a ton of time on it. I also want to eat out a few times. I'll be doing some home away stuff and going to San Diego during this period so there will be a few disruptions but mostly it will be predictable.

How about:
  • cook something big on Sundays - enough for 3-4 days
    • whole chicken, roast lamb, lasagne, chili, tabouleh, potato salad
  • Thursday eat out
    • 44, Clarkville, Stella, Shake Shack
  • develop a few quick meals
    • ??
    • sausage and rice? some quinoa thing!?
  • shop Sunday?
    • carrots, greens, apples, banannas, yogurt, granola, bread

-- BenDugan - 24 May 2017
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