Regular Chores at Marlborough

These are things I often find need doing when I am at Marlborough

1. Clear the gutters

Ladder in garage hanging from ceiling.

2. Weed the small gardens

Watch out for poison ivy.

3. Pick up sticks

Anything that the mower can't chop up. Put on burn pile. Grab piles around edges that Brad puts to the side when he cuts the grass, and move them to the burn pile.

4. Patch up fence in back yard

The vertical slat come off a lot. There are 2x3"s in the garage to replace horizontal stringers, nails & circular saw in basement. Good to do one section at a time but be careful because the rotten section fall apart fast when you're working on adjacent ones.

5. Empty "Glam Can" in backyard

6. Put salt in wtaer softener tank

Get bags 6 or so at a time. Add one or two to keep salt above the water line.

7. Get water jugs

Take back empties: they accumulate and take up space.
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